Our Mission

We’re here to make sure growing brands achieve their highest potential and make a difference. You provide the ideas – we’ll provide the tools to help people around the world access new, exciting products.

Why partner with Iovate?

  • Benefit from over 25 years of our experience in Wellness, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition and Optimizing Distribution across multiple channels.
  • Gain access to one of the top manufacturers in the industry with global distribution and international exposure in over 130 countries.
  • Proven track record. We’ve been building successful brands across the globe for decades in Sports Nutrition, Wellness & Weight Management.
  • Mission-driven. To help growing brands achieve their highest potential by helping consumers around the world access new, exciting and impact-driven product lines.

Bring Your Idea to Life

Iovate Ventures offers strategic partnership opportunities for early-stage nutritional and functional products brands. We invite like-minded, impact-driven brands to join the conversation.

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From serial entrepreneurs to small ventures gaining traction and looking to grow their latest initiative, Iovate Ventures offers programs and services that will help you succeed — all tailored to your stage of growth. Iovate Ventures-supported entrepreneurs will gain access to:

  • Expert advice and highly talented teams
  • Support throughout the process
  • Our network of strategic manufacturing partners
  • Best-in-class strategic tools and processes to accelerate ideas
  • Our world-class central R&D and Quality team houses a diverse staff of 30 leading scientists

Iovate Ventures-supported entrepreneurs receive:


Advisory and talent


Access to support


Connections to partners

Why Iovate Ventures?

There are a lot of great product ideas out there with tremendous potential that hit bumps on the road to their becoming viable offerings. It might be owing to a lack of experience, the necessary contacts—or resources. At Iovate Ventures, we want to ensure that great ideas achieve their potential and make a difference in the world. We’ll provide the expert resources to bring your product to market and provide access to people around the world who would most benefit. We’re all about collaboration, shared passion and a commitment to succeed.

Ready to Apply?

If your product can make a difference in people’s lives and our planet, we would love to spend some time to find out more. We would love to hear more about you, what you have to offer, and why your brand makes a difference in improving health & wellness and should be part of our portfolio. That way, our partnership is based on beneficial prerequisites right from the start.

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