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Euphoriq Boogieman Punch

MuscleTech® Unveils Its First-Ever Athlete Specific Flavor With “The Boogieman Punch”

Oakville, ON & New York, NY (July 25, 2023)  – MuscleTech®, has spent the better part of three decades setting benchmarks for innovation in the fitness and performance enhancement industry. 

That’s why “firsts” are both rare and to be celebrated with such a prestigious brand. Like, today’s announcement of the first-ever athlete-specific flavor — “Boogieman Punch” — under the Muscletech® brand — a limited edition version of EuphoriQTM designed by and in celebration of Blessing “The Boogieman” Awodibu, who joined Team MuscleTech® in 2022 and has quickly become both a fan-favorite and one of the faces of the brand.

“Boogieman Punch” is the first flavor to be named specifically for a Team MuscleTech® athlete in the brand’s history and the first athlete-focused collaboration this decade. Awodibu, a professional bodybuilder, is best known for his shredded physique and being one of the most entertaining competitors in the industry. He is also a two-time Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Champion and winner of the New York Pro and Indy Pro events.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Blessing Awodibu, a true icon in the fitness industry, to design his own flavor of pre-workout” said Raza Bashir, Vice President, Scientific Affairs & Product Innovation at Iovate Health Sciences International, the makers of the MuscleTech® brand. “This limited-edition EuphoriQTM “Boogieman Punch” flavor embodies the spirit of Blessing, combining his unique personality with our commitment to excellence and delivering cutting-edge products that empower athletes to reach their full potential.”

EuphoriQTM is an upgraded, revolutionary pre-workout delivering an energy and sensory experience unseen in the marketplace. Anchored by a revolutionary energy ingredient currently exclusive to Iovate Health Sciences in paraxanthine, this formula delivers clean, smooth energy and increased focus. With each serving, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can unlock their true potential, push through barriers, and achieve extraordinary results.

“I couldn’t be more pumped to have my own flavor of EuphoriQTM, my favorite pre-workout from my favorite sports nutrition company in MuscleTech®,” said Awodibu. “This collaboration represents the drive, focus and energy I bring to every workout. Get ready to unleash your Boogieman!” 

EuphoriQTM Boogieman Punch is available for a limited time only, exclusively through select retailers and the official MuscleTech® website. In addition to the limited-edition “Boogieman Punch” flavor, EuphoriQTM is available in Tropical Yuzu Lemonade, Watermelon Candy and Icy Snow Cone.  

“Since October 1, 1995, MuscleTech® branded products have fueled bodybuilders and athletes with Supplements that Work!®,” said MuscleTech®  Associate Director Scott Welch. “Our company is dedicated to researching, developing, patenting, producing, and globally marketing the most effective sports supplements to assist individuals in achieving their personal fitness goals. That’s why it was so important to work with Awodibu, ‘The Boogeyman’ on a flavor that worked for him and his training.”For more information about MuscleTech® and the EuphoriQTM Boogieman Punch flavor, please visit