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Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz holding Hydroxycut Drink Mix mocktails


LOS ANGELES, California and OAKVILLE, Ontario (January 3, 2023) – They mix a mean drink on TV, but this time Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are scaling back the booze. The alcohol is out, mocktails are in, as are health-oriented drink mixes — starting with their newest partner Hydroxycut®.

Sandoval and Schwartz, owners of Hollywood hotspots TomTom and Schwartz & Sandys, have partnered with America’s top selling weight loss supplement brand to promote its drink mixes across social media, video and at their restaurants (TomTom and Schwartz and Sandy) in 2023. Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes, which come in Lemonade and Wildberry Blast, support healthy journeys everywhere without the unnecessary and unwanted calories and sugars. The advanced mix formula also features an electrolyte plus B vitamins to help metabolize carbs, proteins and fats — making it the perfect compliment for any SoCal, reality TV vibe.

“The Toms symbolize a new, out-of-the-box thought process for Hydroxycut® and the weight loss category as 2023 gets underway,” said Iovate Health Sciences Chief Marketing Officer Jarrod Jordan. Iovate is the maker of the Hydroxycut® brand. “Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes provide tangible benefits regardless of whether an individual’s end goal is losing weight, or simply staying healthy. They also are easy to mix and taste great and we feel that Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz highlight those benefits better than anyone.”

Hydroxycut Drink Mix mocktails

Hydroxycut Drink Mix benefits:

The Sweet Taste Of Weight Loss
In addition to tasting delicious, Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes feature the scientifically researched weight loss ingredient C. canephora robusta and clean sourced caffeine to provide energy.

Top Notch Convenience
Easy-to-use sachets travel anywhere you do and mix with any number of drink combinations.

Zero Sugar. Zero Calories. All Results.
Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes support your journey because they do not contain unwanted calories and sugar. The advanced formula also includes an electrolyte and B vitamins, to help metabolize carbs, proteins, and fats.

“Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes just work!,” said Schwartz. “They’re simple. Easy to use. They give me the energy needed to get through a long day, or a long shift. They also taste great and I’m able to mix them with any number of things depending on my vibe and mood. January is also the month where I try to reset my body and after opening our new restaurant in 2022, I’m using Hydroxycut® Drink Mixes to get the 2023 off on the right foot.”

Over the past two decades, Hydroxycut® ( has sold more than 100 million bottles, and it is currently America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand. The brand’s biggest push and sales period typically comes as resolutions are made and either kept to, or given up on.

Despite changing times, Hydroxycut® remains a powerhouse in the weight loss industry and offers an effective science-backed weight loss driver. Unlike other weight loss supplements, the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® products is backed by two double-blind scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of the key weight loss driver (C. canephora robusta). Boasting their easy-to-follow 3-step program, Hydroxycut® is easily integrated into any diet or nutrition plan and simplifies the weight loss journey many consumers find too complicated or intimidating.

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz

About Hydroxycut®:
Hydroxycut® is committed to helping people increase their energy as part of their busy lives while embracing a lifestyle focused on fun and activity with healthier eating choices. Over the past 20 years, more than 100 million bottles of Hydroxycut® have been sold. Millions of people have chosen, and continue to choose, the Hydroxycut® brand as their partner on their weight loss journey. Hydroxycut® comes in various formats to suit your lifestyle, and there’s also a non-stimulant offering for those sensitive to caffeine.

For more information on Hydroxycut® products, visit Also follow Hydroxycut® on Facebook®Instagram®, and Twitter® for product information, news and updates, diet and training tips, special promotions and more.