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Hydroxycut Press Release - Big Game Sweepstakes

Hydroxycut® teams up with Tori Spelling and football legends Mark Schlereth and Anthony Muñoz to host a pre-game workout before the “Big Game” in LA

The Popular Weight Loss Supplement Brand Offers Fans a Chance to Score Big During Professional Football’s Biggest Night with a National Sweepstakes Tied To The Action

Jan. 20, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY) – “The Big Game” returns to Los Angeles for the first time since 1993 and Hydroxycut®, one of America’s most popular weight loss supplement brands, is ready to help fans tackle America’s second-highest food consumption holiday, behind Thanksgiving.

Hydroxycut® has teamed up with actress Tori Spelling and fitness personality, Callie Bundy, to lead a 90’s themed workout commemorating the last time professional football’s biggest event was held in Southern California. Not only does it serve as the “Big Workout” before “The Big Game,” but festivities will motivate people to stay healthy while cheering on their favorite team. This free, open to the public event will take place on February 12, 2022, at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm PST. 

Former professional football players Mark Schlereth, a two-time “Big Game” champion and Anthony Muñoz, a Hall of Famer, will also take part in the event, which also promotes the Hydroxycut Big Game Sweepstakes, which gives one lucky person the opportunity to win $100,000 if an offensive or defensive lineman scores a touchdown during “The Big Game,” a feat that took place 11 times during the regular season. Other talent will be announced in the days leading up to the event.

Why is Hydroxycut® ready to flex around “The Big Game?”

Americans consume approximately 1.4 billion wings, 11 million pounds of potato chips, 12.5 million pizzas and 50 million cases of beer on game day . While some of us will opt for a “cheat day,” the winning playbook of diet, exercise plus Hydroxycut® are the offense, defense and special teams needed to stick to your weight-loss goals. 

“I love social events, entertaining and cooking for my friends and family, so I understand the temptation of it all right there in front of you,” said Tori Spelling, actress and author. “I’m excited to be a part of the Hydroxycut® brand’s mission to help people make healthy choices and honor my favorite decade.”

Los Angeles is consistently ranked among the fittest cities in the United States and the Big Game’s host market offers plenty of activity — indoors and out, for those looking to stick to their weight-loss game plan before the title tilt. The Hydroxycut® brand’s Big Game Workout will merge the best of the 90’s, professional football and SoCal sunshine from Grand Park LA’s spacious downtown location.

For details on how to attend the workout, please check the following Hydroxycut® social channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The Hydroxycut Big Game Sweepstakes & Free Groceries For A Year

Fans will be watching closely on “Big Game” Sunday, making bets on how long the National Anthem will last, who wins the coin toss and whether or not a streaker runs onto the field. Hydroxycut® is looking for a piece of the action by hosting a sweepstakes that will offer fans a chance to score big time.

The Hydroxycut® Big Game Sweepstakes will offer one lucky person the opportunity to win $100,000 cash if an offensive or defensive lineman scores a touchdown during the Big Game. The last time this happened was in 2016 and of course, during the last game in LA in 1993. It also happened a record 11 times this past football season — including four times during Week 16 alone.

Even if a lineman does not score a touchdown, The Sweepstakes is still giving away guaranteed prizes: one lucky entrant will receive free groceries for an entire year (valued at $10,000), a valued commodity with rising prices from coast-to-coast. Three lucky second prize winners, in the spirit of “The Big Game” and weight-loss journeys everywhere, will receive a free 12-month gym membership (each a $1,200 value) allowing them to prepare for the season ahead. No purchase is necessary. To enter, please visit:

“As a former offensive lineman myself who benefited from eating a lot during my playing days, I can say that it’s particularly hard to stay away from all the foods associated with watching football,” said Mark Schlereth, former football offensive lineman. “I look forward to working with Hydroxycut® on providing a fun way to unite people in sticking to their weight loss goals in 2022.”

“The Big Game – with its glamor and prestige brings together hundreds of millions of people across the world, usually with lots of food in front of the television,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences, the maker of the Hydroxycut® brand. “But it also does so just weeks after many of us set New Year’s resolutions to eat better, work out and lose weight. We want to remind people that fitness, a good diet and Hydroxycut® can keep them on track.”

America’s Sport + One Of America’s Most Popular Weight-Loss Supplement Brands 

With over 100 million bottles sold and counting, Hydroxycut remains a powerhouse in the weight loss industry and offers an effective science-backed weight loss driver. Unlike other weight loss supplements, the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® products is backed by a double-blind scientific study that proves the effectiveness of the key weight loss driver (C. canephora robusta). Boasting their easy-to-follow 3-step program, Hydroxycut® kicks fad diets to the curb and simplifies the weight loss journey many consumers find too complicated or intimidating to take. Hydroxycut® is simple, effective, and is “No Fads, Just Weight Loss”.

In fact, the average weight loss in 60 days with the key ingredient (C. canephora robusta) was 10.95 lbs. with a low-calorie diet, and 3.7 lbs. in a separate 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.

For more information on Hydroxycut® products, visit the Hydroxycut® website. Also follow Hydroxycut® on Facebook®, Instagram®, and Twitter® for product information, news and updates, diet and training tips, special promotions and more. Additionally, check out the latest innovation from the Hydroxycut® brand, a sparkling weight loss and energy drink: CUT™ Energy.

About Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. 

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (“Iovate”) is a dynamic, leading-edge nutritional company that delivers some of the highest quality, most innovative and effective active nutrition products in the world. Due to our commitment to research, development and innovation, we’ve been globally recognized as one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the industry and continue to be one of the elite brands redefining performance through cutting-edge products and high-quality ingredients. 

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Iovate is a family of more than 300 employees, six leading nutritional brands and growing, with effective products that can be found across the globe.