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For nearly two decades, the MuscleTech® brand has launched industry-defining product innovations that have helped bodybuilders and athletes achieve their goals. With cutting-edge formulas engineered by an elite team of researchers, MuscleTech® continues to provide the most premium supplements in the world. It continues to be the #1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand in America† since 2006, and with distribution in over 80 countries, is one of the most prominent sports nutrition brands worldwide.

The MuscleTech family was expanded significantly with the launch of the Pro Series, SX-7 and Essential Series. The new SX-7 series of products is an exciting GNC exclusive line that delivers the most advanced super extreme formulas available. The Essential Series was voted as 2014’s most innovative brand of year at and makes it easy for you to personalize and enhance your existing supplementation with scientifically validated solo ingredient-based formulas. This new line has raised the bar for what it means to be best-in-class.

† The MuscleTech® brand of supplements is America’s #1 Selling bodybuilding supplement brand based on cumulative wholesale dollar sales 2001-present.


Hydroxycut™ is the #1 selling weight loss supplement brand in America♦ and offers a wide variety of products, including Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™, Hydroxycut Gummies and Hydroxycut™ Black, formulated to help people reach their weight loss goals with diet and exercise. Formulated with scientifically researched key ingredients, the Hydroxycut™, brand has been around since 1995. It’s a brand that really works!

♦Based on AC Nielsen FDMx sales data for Pro Clinical Hydroxycut caplets.


Six Star® is one of the leading sport supplement brands in America. This scientifically designed line of premium supplements is formulated with precision-dosed key ingredients backed by respected scientific research. For years, the complete line of Six Star supplements has helped athletes of all levels build muscle, increase strength, and enhance performance, helping them to achieve their goals. Six Star® represents the pinnacle of incredible quality AND unbeatable value.


EPIQ™ is a new breakthrough line of powerful, specialized supplements designed for men and women seeking the best in athletic performance. It features a full spectrum of advanced supplements including a premium isolate protein, a potent pre-workout, a hard-hitting thermogenic, and more. With its clean formulation approach, EPIQ™ products are guaranteed free of harmful impurities, artificial dyes or colors, and banned substances. It’s the purest, cleanest, and strongest new way to build muscle.


Backed by 20 Years of MuscleTech® unrivaled research and development, America’s #1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand has created an industry breakthrough in functional food – the Mission1™ Clean Protein Bar. Each Mission1 bar delivers only high-quality, ultra-filtered 100% isolate protein from whey and milk – no inferior sources like gelatin or collagen. With Mission1™ bars, you get premium protein power from 100% milk-derived isolate proteins, plus clean carbs that deliver energy without the crash. With just 210 calories and zero fillers, it’s premium nutrition that athletes want and you can trust.


New Purely Inspired® is a premium brand of effective supplements made to help support men and women with their goals. This brand inspired by nature has set a new standard of producing high-end supplements, while delivering incredible value. Purely Inspired® weight-loss products are scientifically dosed with the popular weight loss ingredient green coffee extract (supplying 45% chlorogenic acids), are non-stimulant, and are made with 100% pure ingredients.


Xenadrine® has long been a brand synonymous with weight loss and energy. The powerful formulas in this family are driven by scientifically studied core ingredients to deliver the effective results that have made it a brand people can trust. Available in several convenient formats including caffeine-free, drink mix, and new gummies, there’s a Xenadrine® that’s right for your active lifestyle!

Strong Girl

StrongGirl™ supplements is a new line of supplements designed to help women achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves. It’s premium nutrition and effective formulas made by strong women, for strong women. StrongGirl™ features a complete line of female-designed supplements including an isolate protein powder, pre workout, CLA formula, and weight loss and cleanse formulas.


True GRIT is a new supplement line born from advanced supplement research. True GRIT was created using some of the most impressive scientific studies ever completed in the world of Sports Nutrition – studies performed at leading Universities and sports performance labs around the globe. These studies represent a database of the most effective performance-enhancing ingredients currently available.


fuel:one™ is a line of scientifically formulated supplements designed to empower athletes of every level – in every discipline – to reach their goals. Each product is formulated with leading science, scientifically backed key ingredients, cutting-edge formulas, and zero banned substances. while every athlete has a different goal, they all have the same needs: superior performance without compromise. Whether it’s one more workout, one more rep, or one more win – we fuel your one.

Nature’s Food

Nature’s Food™ is total-body nutrition that helps athletes make the most of their healthy, active lifestyles. Featuring hand-selected, plant-based ingredients you can trust and without any preservatives, Nature’s Food™ delivers clean, wholesome ingredients that are good for you and the planet – the way Nature intended.

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