International day of tolerance

International Day for Tolerance

As part of Iovate’s ongoing commitment to foster diversity and inclusion, we are proudly acknowledging International Day for Tolerance. November 16th honours/honors open-mindedness and listening. The day strives to foster, promote, and spread mutual understanding between cultures and people across the globe – an initiative that has been increasing in importance with growing global conflicts that disregard human rights, including (but not limited to) racial discrimination, hate crimes, xenophobia, and scare-mongering.  

Building tolerance starts with awareness and education. You can do this by listening, learning, and talking with diverse groups of people. Celebrate your differences and create a friendly and safe learning space for all. Reading about various cultures and ethnicities is a great way to learn about your intolerances and learn about other people’s intolerances in general. Only through listening to people who have been victimised by intolerance can we learn more about tolerance and intolerance. #internationaldayfortolerance