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Did Americans keep their new year’s resolution in 2022? The answer will surprise you.

NEW YORK, New York and OAKVILLE, Ontario – Forget all of those painfully awkward jokes about New Year’s Resolutions unfulfilled. Six months into the calendar year 2022, a majority of Americans surveyed have stuck to their January 1 resolutions.

Of those who made a New Year’s Resolution in 2022, 77 percent said they have been able to maintain their goal, while 23 percent have not succeeded. This includes 85 percent of all self-identifying men surveyed and 74 percent of all self-identifying women surveyed. Not surprisingly, 77 percent of those surveyed said they’d start their New Year’s Resolution all over again if they had a second chance.

“Even with COVID cases spiking during the early part of 2022, the majority of people who used the turning of the calendar to accomplish their goals — fitness, weight management, in their personal life, have stuck with them,” said Andrew Reid, the SVP of Data Science and Technology for Iovate Health Sciences, the makers of Hydroxycut®. “It’s also encouraging to see those who have had success feel the desire to rededicate themselves to their resolution if they had to do it all over again. Thus all of that work was, in fact, worth it.”

From the data collected, as those surveyed got older, there was a significant drop off in individuals who successfully completed their New Year’s Resolutions. 83 percent of the 25-34 age group reported successfully maintaining their Resolution, while only 77 percent of those 34-49 found the same success. In the 50+ age group, that number dropped to 62 percent.

Of those surveyed, over half of respondents aimed to improve their overall wellness and 42 percent specifically cited weight management as a New Year’s Resolution.

Over the past two decades, Hydroxycut® (www.hydroxycut.com) has sold more than 100 million bottles, and it is currently America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand.  The brand’s biggest push and sales period typically comes as resolutions are made and either kept to, or given up on.

To celebrate the upcoming Summer season, Hydroxycut® will be getting a makeover and will be sporting a new, refreshed look for Summer ‘22 and beyond! The new, sleek look and updated product names emphasize simplicity, reliability and dependability!

Among the updates, Hydroxycut® Pro Clinical will become Hydroxycut® Original, Hydroxycut® Max will become Hydroxycut® +Women and Hydroxycut® Black will become Hydroxycut® Advanced. The Hydroxycut® Drink Mix and Hydroxycut® Hardcore product names will remain the same, all with new, sleek packaging that will now include a stimulant scale, indicating how much caffeine is in each product.

“We’ve heard feedback from our customers that we needed to streamline their buying and educational process,” said Iovate Health Sciences Chief Marketing Officer Jarrod Jordan. Iovate is the maker of the Hydroxycut® brand. “These changes are in essence our elevator pitch for weight management, designed to communicate the benefits of each Hydroxycut® product in the shortest amount of time possible.”

As part of the rebranding effort, Hydroxycut® will launch a Summer Makeover Sweepstakes June 1 to July 31 on www.hydroxycut.com, where consumers have the chance to win a Home Gym Makeover.

Despite changing times, Hydroxycut® remains a powerhouse in the weight loss industry and offers an effective science-backed weight loss driver. Unlike other weight loss supplements, the key ingredient in Hydroxycut® products is backed by two double-blind scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of the key weight loss driver (C. canephora robusta). Boasting their easy-to-follow 3-step program, Hydroxycut® is easily integrated into any diet or nutrition plan and simplifies the weight loss journey many consumers find too complicated or intimidating. 

For more information on Hydroxycut® products, visit the Hydroxycut® website. Also follow Hydroxycut® on Facebook®, Instagram®, and Twitter® for product information, news and updates, diet and training tips, special promotions and more. Additionally, check out the latest innovation from the Hydroxycut® brand, a sparkling weight loss and energy drink: CUT™ Energy.

Hydroxycut Refresh Survey Results

What area of your life did your new year's resolution focus on?

Question 1: What area of your life did your New Year’s Resolution focus on?

Personal Life – 57 percent

Overall Wellness – 55 percent

Fitness – 50 percent

Weight Management – 42 percent

Other – 8 percent 

N = 926

Have you been able to maintain your resolution?

Question 2: Have you been able to maintain your Resolution?

Yes – 77 percent

No – 23 percent

N = 883

If you had a second chance to start your resolution, would you?

Question 3: If you had a second chance to start your Resolution, would you?

Yes – 77 percent

No – 23 percent

N – 497

*Methodology: Hydroxycut® surveyed 950 individuals, aged 18-65, between May 1-5, 2022 using the Suzy™ on-demand consumer research platform. Weighting was applied to the total sample by age, gender and region in accordance with the current U.S. adult population.