The Sun Devils Esports Association will be integrating and promoting the gaming supplement brand on live streams and social media as part of the sponsorship

Oakville, ON (March 19, 2021) – XP SportsTM (www.xpsports.com), a gaming energy supplement brand scientifically developed for gamers, has announced the launch of a new campus activation with the Sun Devils Esports Association which is comprised of students attending the Arizona State University. As part of the sponsorship, members of the Sun Devils Esports Association will received XP SportsTM products in specialized boxes that are designed for social media virality, which they will be integrating into live streams and also promoting on social media. This on-campus activation marks one of the first ventures into college marketing for the XP SportsTM brand.

As part of the agreement, the top members of the Sun Devils Esports Association will be wearing XP SportsTM gear as they live stream with custom XP SportsTM branded overlays at https://www.twitch.tv/asuesportsofficial on Saturday, March 20th (start time TBD) and Sunday, March 21st (start time TBD). In addition, the members will be posting on their social media. There will also be posts featuring XP SportsTM products on the organization’s social platforms – https://www.facebook.com/ASUEsportsOfficial/ and https://twitter.com/asuesports.

This XP SportsTM sponsorship with Sun Devils Esports Association ties one of the most competitive programs in the country with the made to play supplement brand engineered to enhance the gaming experience. The Sun Devils Esports Association is one of the largest programs in the country and is the largest student-run organization at the university. The organization has won the 2016 Heroes of the Dorm national championship, the CEA (Collegiate Esports Association) Fall League 2019 Invite Division Championship for Rainbow Six Siege, and they are also defending Smite national champions. ESPN® ranked the Sun Devils Esports Association as the No. 8 College League of Legends team in the country in 2020. The program strives to continue its legacy of excellence and dominance as one of the strongest student-run organizations in the country.

Collegiate esports has seen consistent growth over the past decade, with a major uptick in the last five years. Today, more than 170 U.S. colleges have varsity esports programs and there are over 5,000 student-athletes, according to the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE). College esports programs offer around $16 million per year in scholarships and aid with the average esports scholarship student receiving $4,800 in tuition awards a year, according to NACE. College teams usually practice together for three to four hours a day, with many players choosing to continue working on their skills after practice. Competitive players often practice between three and ten hours per day.

XP SportsTM was launched in the summer of 2020 after seeing a need in the gaming community for custom-tailored products formulated specifically for gamers. The gaming energy supplements are engineered to enhance the gaming experience and offer specific benefits such as supporting mental focus, boosting alertness, and amplifying energy for better performance. With products scientifically developed for gamers like Boost Energy Drinks, Zero-Lag Supplements, Gummies, and Boost Pre-Game Powders, XP SportsTM is thrilled to bring their unique product assortment to the gaming and esports space. By delivering specific benefits sought after by today’s gamers, XP SportsTM is confident it’ll be a staple of any serious gamer’s routine.

For more information on XP SportsTM products, visit www.xpsports.com. Also follow us at www.facebook.com/XPSports and @XPSports on Twitter and Instagram for product information, news and updates, special promotions, and more. XP SportsTM supplements are available for purchase on xpsports.com, Amazon.com, and at select retailers.

About XP SportsTM:

XP SportsTM is a gaming and esports supplement brand based in Oakville, Canada. Launched in 2020, the brand saw a need in the gaming community for custom-tailored products formulated specifically for the unique needs that arise in the gaming arena.

About Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. 

Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (“Iovate”) is a dynamic, leading-edge nutritional company that delivers some of the highest quality, most innovative and effective active nutrition products in the world. With brand innovations such as XP SportsTM, Iovate is committed to being the number one active nutrition company in the world. XP Sports was born out of an obsession to redefine the limits of science and human potential.

Due to our commitment to research, development and innovation, we’ve been globally recognized as one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the industry, and continue to be one of the elite brands redefining performance through cutting-edge products and high-quality ingredients.

Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Iovate is a family of more than 300 employees, six leading nutritional brands and growing, with effective products that can be found across the globe.

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